About Us

In 1961, we opened our doors to the world and established ourselves as not only a distinguished meat sales & Cattle trading company, comprised of talented and passionate industry leaders who love selling Indian meat to the world. We love meat. We love how it is prepared, how it tastes, and most of all, we love sharing our meat with the world.

Alizzah strives to deliver the highest standard of product to customers with offerings consisting of wholesale & retail meat products. We achieve this through our fully integrated supply plant securing safe, clean, reliable and traceable product.

Our product offerings consist of grain fed and grass fed beef, buffalo, buffalo veal & lamb. These products are sourced from farmers of north indain villages who have enabled Alizzah to offer our customers an end to end solution. Our range of products are designed to give every customer the point of difference they need to be successful in their business. We aim to tailor solutions to empower your business, and ultimately our goal is to grow with you.

How It Works

Choose Your Meat

Choose among various country meat of your choice. Specifiy the cut you need.

We Deliver Your Order

We deliver your order at your doorsteps in the time mentioned.

Eat And Enjoy

Eat and enjoy your country meat.

Our Products

It is very important to us that our products are of the highest standard possible. This is why Al Izzah has recruited knowledgable and experienced Quality Inspectors – to ensure the highest quality of the product.